• 3D Printing Material for Crowns & Bridges MAZIC D Temp is photopolymer acrylate type resin for printing crowns and bridges by DLP Printer. Output is easy to surface process and polish. Balance between opacity and translucency of printed crowns and bridges is appropriate to assimilate with surrounding teeth.
  • 3D Printing Material for Implant Surgical Guide MAZIC D SG is a photopolymer acrylate type resin for printing dental surgical guides by DLP printers. Printed surgical guide is used for guiding course and direction of implant and surgery equipment's.
  • 3D Printing Material for Orthodontic Model ,MAZIC D Model Ortho is photopolymer acrylate type resin for printing orthodontic models by DLP printer. Printed dental orthodontic model can endure high temperatures and pressures it can be used in any kind of dental vacuum moulding machine.
  • Ceramage is a versatile micro-ceramic indirect composite with 73% zirconium silicate fillers, suitable for a wide range of anterior and posterior restorations.
  • High-Temperature Furnace MAx Temp.1700 °C
  • Powerful, for the pre-polymerisation of light-curing composites. Selection between two different exposure times with 5 and 20 seconds.
    • Comfortable single-hand operation;
    • Light guard horizontally and vertically adjustable.
  • Large touch screen interface, easy operation. Quartz heating tube, uniform temperature field. New light weight thermal insulation material, good heat preservation Intelligent programmable. Auto lift and down tray design. Suitable for all kinds of ceramic powder materials.
  • DENTIQ is a highly precise chairside 3D printer designed to provide an intuitive experience for every type of user. It offers a simple learning curve for beginners while providing the finer accuracy and consistency professionals desire. Remote diagnostics for machine repair, easy component replacement, built-in clean vat function, and warranty confidence makes owning DENTIQ effortless and rewarding. + Auto-calibration and 100+ precalibrated materials. + Plug & play, ready to use out of the box + 47-micron pixels finer accuracy and consistency + Ideal for chairside use and same-day dentistry + Premium ownership experience after purchase
  • Models in fixed complete or partial prosthesis Models in implant prothesis
    • High-end machine with advanced algorithm and components brings the fastest printing speed (4.5-5.5hrs for 400 copings/36 RPD frames).
    • The building volume (250*180*70mm) brings the highest volume per batch and reduces times of operations by 50%.
    • The highest powder utilization (500-600 copings or 50-60 RPD frames/kg of powder).
    Proven stability in domestic and global market.
  • LM Separating and Grinding Disk for metal and ceramic working. Available Size: Cutting Disc  (40 x 1.0 mm)                         (35 x .7 mm)                         (32 x 2.2 mm) Seprating Disc  (25 x 0.6 mm)                         (25 x 0.7 mm)
    1. Ease of casting
    2. Little oxidation
    3. Easy workability
    4. Excellent polishing and compactness
    5. Very high compatibility with various aesthetic coatings
  • Larger building volume (Φ158 mm, z=70 mm) for higher production.
    • Equipped with dual lasers for faster printing speed,220 copings/3.5-4.5 hours.
    • Higher powder utilization.
    • Support two printing layer thickness (30/40μm).
    Proven stability in domestic and global market.
  • Dual Mode Machine For Easy Powder Switching
    • Building Volume120*70mm,130 copings/batch, 10-12 RPD frames/batch, 130 copings/3.5-4.5 hours, 10 RPD frames/3-3.5 hours.
    • Dual-mode printer supports Cobalt-Chromium and Titanium, and the switching time is only 45 minutes.
    • Easy to start with Cobalt-Chromium mode and be able to upgrade to dual-mode later on.
    • Equipped with glove box and built-in cleaner to implement closed powder cleaning and to avoid harmful dust.
    • Proven stability in domestic and global market.
  • High-Temperature Furnace with SiC Rod Heating for Sintering Zirconia up to 1550°C

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