Xtcera Xmill 500 SE Milling Machine

Small size, light weight, high precision.
Precise harmonic drive, A-axis rotation amplitude ±30°.
Wide applicability, can process a variety of materials.
Automatic tool life monitoring and tool damage detection


Name:  500 SE Milling Machine
Dimension: 585X530X695(mm)
Net weight:    90 kg
lnput voltage: AC 220 V
Spindle power:0.5 kw
Axis quantity: 5
Milling range: XYZ:170/120/85mm A: 30° B:360°
Milling mode: Dry milling
Max speed:  60,000 rpm
Max feeding speed:  XYZ: 3000 mm/min
Bur capacity:  6
Bur changing: Automatic
Spindle cooling: Air cooling
Materials: Zirconia, PMMA, Wax, PEEK,Soft Metal
Milling time:Zirconia: 10mins, Wax: 4mins,
MMA/PEEK/Soft Metal: 10mins