The X-mill 600 is a detail oriented powerful 5 axis simultaneous milling machine with a B axis rotation range up to ±40°!

Precision is provided with one-micron of repeatability for milling, grinding and drilling of implant bars, implant bridges and abutments.

The 2.7kW spindle provides the ruggedness and durability to mill through the toughest geometries and materials while providing longevity.


Other features:

  • Massive iron cast for better stability
  • Automatic tool changer for 16 tools
  • Automatic Calibration

Included with Hyper dent CAM Software, the X-mill 600 is the mill you need for the stringent demands of modern dentistry!
More powerful than you can imagine


Dimensions (LxWxH): 1110x820x1820mm
Weight: Approximately 850kg
Input Voltage: Single-Phase AC 220V
Spindle power: 2.7kw
Axis quantity: 5
Milling Range: XYZ: 320/130/150mm A:360° B:±40°
Milling Mode: Wet
Milling Max speed: 60,000rpm
Max Feed Rate: XYZ:6000mm/min
Bur Capacity: 16
Bur Changing: Automatic
Spindle Cooling: Distilled Water / Antifreeze Mixture
Processing Materials: CoCr/NEM, titanium, PMMA, wax, glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics
Avg Milling Times: Crown:30min abutment:50min.bar:2h
Air Pressure Requirements: Min 6 Bar, 3 Cfm/ Air must be Dry no moisture or oil.