This product is sold in packs of 2.5 Kg

The specific formulation of zinc-based soldering powders prevents the formation of surface oxide and reinforces the soldered link.
A specific range of alloys for the investment casting containing deoxidizers to ensure the minimum loss,
high fluidity during the casting, and extreme brilliance at the end of the process.



Type Description Packing
B For solderingand 8-9-10ct 12 Kg
B1 For soldering 14-18-22ct chains 2.5Kg
B1/22 For soldering 22ct gold chains 2.5Kg
B1/24 For soldering 24ct gold chains 2.5Kg
B1AG Used for goldchains of any fineness intended to withstand strong mechanical strains 2.5Kg
B1AGS Particularly suitable for soldering hollow chains with iron or copper cores 2.5Kg
B2 For soldering brass chains 2.5Kg
B/Pt For soldering platinum chains 2.5Kg