ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP is a perfect finishing and polishing solution to attain the smoothest surface finish and high gloss polish on modern all-ceramics such as Zirconia and Lithium Disilicate. It comes with 3 step colour co-ordinated, diamond impregnated ZiLMaster Polisher and additional diamond diamond impregnated stone bur, Dura-Green Dia (Gold colour shank) for contouring.

Fast & efficient performance with low vibration.
Reduced risk of micro cracks.
No polishing paste required.


Predictable steps to lasting gloss in all ceramics:

  • Contouring: Dura-Green Dia with Gold color Shank.
  • Finishing: ZiLMaster Coarse with Green Banded Shank.
  • Polishing: ZiLMaster Medium with Blue Banded Shank.
  • Super Polishing: ZiLMaster Fine with Yellow Banded Shank.
Available in a variety of shapes and shanks for both extra (HP) and intra-oral (CA) application.
ZiLMaster Finishing & Polishing Kit HP [PN S0009]
Dura Green DIA: TC4, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
ZiLMaster Coarse: Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
ZiLMaster Medium: Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x1 each
ZiLMaster Fine: Bullet, KN7 & WH6 x 1 each
ZiLMaster Polisher available in refill pack (HP or CA Shank):
(1 or 3pcs/box)