The Vintage ZR porcelain system had been developed according to the latest research in porcelain technology especially for metal free restorations based on extra strong zircon oxide frameworks.


Indication: Facing of all crown and bridge constructions made of zircon oxide

Vintage ZR is a high fusing, feldspar based all-ceramic veneering porcelain system that offers extensive aesthetic possibilities for all popular zirconium dioxide crown and bridge fabrications.

Its micro-fine and homogeneous particle structure enables efficiency in handling and an excellent colour harmonisation to natural teeth even with the application of extremely thin layers.


  • Ensures high bond strength with increased resistance against cracking and the physical properties remain unchanged even after repeated firing with a stable coefficient of thermal expansion.
  • Assures minimised wear of opposing teeth.
  • Easy application technique for efficiency of fabrication.
  • Leucite reinforced ultrafine particle structure assures a compact architecture that resists cracking even after multiple firing.
  • The opaque liner effectively masks the underlying discoloured abutments or metal posts while minimizing the inherent reflectivity of the zirconia core.
  • Life-like restorations can be easily attained with the extensive range of Translucent, Opalescent enamel and Effect shades through a simplified 2 layer build up technique.
  • Cervical translucent compounds with a lower melting temperature and higher fluorescence assure aesthetic and biocompatible marginal areas.