These plants are made up of :

  • Polypropylene hood to be connected to a fume scrubber. Designed to the recover any acid losses.
  • PPl tumbler
  • PPl tray where two 100 lt containers for HCl and HNOacids are stored.
  • 2 Filter units on wheels with a compressed air diaphragm pump to transfer the solutions.
  • Cementation unit.
  • No. 1 Control panel


his refining system consists of a large PPl cylinder inclined to an angle of 25°, it continuously rotates by means of a special motor, with the possibility to adjust the rotation speed.  The rotation forces the grains to rub against each other and consequently a rapid and efficient dissolution process is induced.

A Pyrex glass condenser is positioned externally to the tumbler  with cold water circulating inside that allows for partial acid recovery and initial fume neutralization.

Another advantage is that it can work throughout the night without supervision.