Reliable bonding strength with all PFM alloys is obtained using the warm Orange colored Base Opaque.

Predictable aesthetics with natural optical characteristics for life-like restorations achieved even with the simple, modified two-layered technique.


Developed to match conventional cast as well as CAD / CAM & Sintered non-precious alloys with the CTE range of 13.5 to 14.8 x 10-6 K-1, also suitable for high gold, reduced gold and palladium based PFM alloys.
Remarkable color, shape and firing stability, even after multiple firings.
Extremely fine powder opaque enables easy application and superior masking abilities even with thin layers

Easy handling and optimal working properties ensures stability during build-up.

 Versatile array of opalescent and fluorescent effect powders to emulate patient specific shades.

True to nature Vita based standard shades, additional Bleach shades and a spectrum of effect colors allows ceramists to restore standard as well as aesthetic challenging cases with equal competence.