Vacuum Casting Furnace FIM MCE

The new FIM/MCE vacuum casting furnace is used to produce casted jewellery as well as ingots or sheet. It is a combination of the most advanced casting technology and italimpianti Orafi’s 40 years experience in the goldmith industry. The unit has been designed to be user-friendly, facilitating the casting process and reducing all manual operations to a minimum, eliminating any possible man-made errors.


Technical specifications of the plant:

  • Possibility to create an over-pressure in the upper chamber in order to clean the internal die
  • Water cooling by heat exchanger in order to maintain the water temperature constant from the first to the last cycle
  • Melting, pouring, grain tank loading and discharge operations are controlled by a PLC unit with a touch-screen panel, able to memorise various melting programmes according to the type of alloy to be molten
  • The converter is provided with a centrifugal pump placed inside the converter’s frame to be used for the recycling of the cooling water. The above pump is equipped with a pressure switch, thermals, fuses and a timer for the automatic stop. You need only a demineralised water storage tank or a water chiller.
  • Monitoring on the display of the various process parameters (frequency and absorbed power).
  • Computerised alarm diagnostics for 12 alarms which the worker must take note of for the system to work properly. By simply pressing a button, instructions and advice appear on the display.
  • Closed ring power regulation which allows the system to absorb the set power regardless of the quantity and type of metal to melt.
  • The internal environment of the converter is conditioned by an air-water exchanger.
Power supply Three Phase
Power 5kw 4kw
Pump 25m3/h
Crucible Capacity 1.5kg of 18ct Gold 1.5kg Au 24kt
Temperature 1200°C-Cr. At
Cooling water consumption 15lt/
Cylinder dimensions with flanges 40-120mm 80-120mm
Cylinder dimension without flanges 80-130mm
Cylinder height Max 300mm Max 200mm
Total cycle time 6mins
Overall Dimensions (mm) 1000x490x1300mm 960x600x1500
Weight 280kg 360kg