Woson Tanda B Class Autoclaves

It adopts European B Standard with 3-times pre-vacuum preceding vacuum drying.

Residual humidity is less than 0.2%

Mini printer can be attached to record the process of sterilization.



Woson Tanda B Class Autoclave is a highly reliable class B autoclave, suitable for intensive use of several cycles per day. That is why this autoclave is suitable for medium to large dental clinics.

  • Vacuum measurement reaches-0.8bar.
  • Water quality sensor
  • Negative Pressure Display
  • Door Locking Safety Switch
  • Options for Built in Printer or USB
  • Multiple Safety Features
  • Temperature Cycles-121°C & 134°C
  • Provision to connect External Printer
  • Pressure and Temperature Overload Protection


Tanda Steri 18 Ltr Tanda Steri 23 Ltr
Voltage 220v 220v
Power Supply 1500w 1700w
Chamber Size(mm) 245×360 245×470
Outside Size(mm) 560x450x400 675x450x400
Packing Size(mm) 660x525x495 770x525x495
Net Weight(kg) 47 53
Dimensions of the tray length: length: 26 cm, width 13 cm, height: 2 cm length: 26 cm, width 13 cm, height: 2 cm
 Water consumption during sterilization  0.16 min  max 0.18
 Minimum pressure  0.9 bar  0.9 bar
 Maximum pressure   2.5 bar  2.5 bar