• The world’s first specialized uncut-model scanner – save modeling work, more accuracy, more environment friendly, more efficiency!
  • High Speed : triple tray, 12 unit multi-dies scan, all-in-one, model scanning.
  • Full arch implants scanned in a single step – no need to loosen and fasten the abutment screws.


  • Support virtual articulation – acquire accurate jaw motion record in a fast and simple way.
  • More accurate and easier post core scanning – no need to make wax-up of post core, only can the post core scan body
  • High definition cameras
  • Mark margin line in UPSCAN – exporting model data including margin information to design software. Help dentists mark the right margin location.
  • New way of occlusion scan – Fast and simple.
  • True color scanning – perfectly restore texture colors.
  • Color texture – Real color-scan of model with pencil marks helps a better and easier design of removable.


  • Brand : Up3d
  • Type : Dental Scanner UP360+
  • Size : 300x300x400 (mm)
  • Weight : 14 kg
  • Technology : Structure blue light
  • Cameras : 2* 2.0 MP
  • Precision : 6 micro microns
  • Projector : Customized blue light
  • Interface : USB 3.0
  • Output format : STL/PLY/UM/OB
  • Power Supply : AC110-240V. 50 Hz


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