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Big Multi- die plate with up tp 12 position



  • One of the fastest 3D dental scanners in the world with a custom DLP projector that completes a full arch scan in 20 seconds.
  • Features an intelligent algorithm to automatically align dies to jaws or jaws to bite and adaptive projection colour to capture complex model colour.
  • Produces smaller file sizes for easy sharing and ultra-fast post processing.
  • user interface is easy to use and it outputs standard STL/PLY/UM files that work with any design software
  • Smart-accurate: Intelligent algorithm brings more features with even smaller file size.
  • Auto-align: Fully automatic alignment (bite registration for model and impression )
  • Fast:  Post processing is now faster than ever.
  • Adaptive:  Adaptive projection colour (with red/blue/white options, complex model colour can now be better scanned)
  • Highly intuitive:  User interface is easy to use.
  • Compatible: Standard STL/PLY/UM file output works with any design software.