The new digital microprocessor incorporated in the FoRza works 100 times faster than traditional systems. and is able to
measure the high energy precisely, analyzing it and sampling it every 100 micro seconds.

  • laser power 230j.
  • peak/avg. pulse power  9kw /  100w.
  • full access to working area.
  • soft arm rest for tier free operation.
  • integrated web cam for live screen on computer.
  • ideal for gold, silver platinum.
  • ideal for job shop, showrooms, factories.
  • optional on board live video camera.


Maximum Laser Power 230J @ 15mS
Power Supply 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Type of Crystal Nd:YAG
Crystal diameter [mm] 7
Pulse energy [Joule] 230
Max pulse duration [ms] 25
Peak Pulse-Power[kW] 9
Average power [W] 100


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