• Resistor holding device;
• Grid with collection tray and wax draining hose;
• External lower tank for wax collection and cooling;
• Exhaust hose for fumes with adjustable valve;
• This structure can be entirely covered with panels and insulated by means of die-bent or rigid ceramic fiber;
• PLC for the time-temperature parameters control with fully automatic programmable cycles;
• Possibility to visualize the set programs during the working cycle (timer, set-point, temperature, working cycle number, step number);
• Safety thermo-regulator.


These machines are equipped with electric resistors which are suitably distributed around the baking chamber. This chamber has refractory steel panels or grids to protect the resistors.
They are also provided with a rear or upper pipe for the dispersion of the fumes, and with a tray for the collection of the melted wax with a lower discharge pipe. These furnaces are made of a special insulating material to get a proper uniformity of the heating temperature inside the baking chamber and they are fitted with a front door that can be opened with a locking device and adjustable hinges for a better closure and regulation.
All the furnaces have a control panel with a PLC.


Flask Baking Furnaces
with rotating plate
Rotating Plate Ø330 H 430
7 cylinders Ø100
1030x930x1700 4
Rotating Plate Ø430 H 430
11 cylinders Ø100
1130x1030x1700 7
Rotating Plate Ø530 H 430
20 cylinders Ø100
1230x1130x1700 8
Rotating Plate Ø630 H 430
27 cylinders Ø100
1330x1230x1700 12
Rotating Plate Ø730 H 430
34 cylinders Ø100
1430x1330x1700 13
Rotating Plate Ø830 H 430
42 cylinders Ø100
1530x1430x1700 16
Double Rotating Plate Ø530 H 430
40 cylinders Ø100 (20 for each plate)
1230x1130x2350 20